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Upcycled wool soakers utilize wool sweaters that have been shrunk in the washer/dryer to tighten the weave and keep moisture from getting through! I use only the softest merino wool which limits my selection greatly. No scratchy wool here!

The waist and leg bands are made from new organic merino wool interlock knit.

***Wool in pic is for demonstrative purposes only. This is how your wool will look in the available sweater patterns.***

They are shipped lanolized and ready for use!

To get the best fit, please measure baby before ordering!
Here are our size measurements:
    Waist         Rise      Legs
NB 10-12"     12"         5-8"
XS 11-13,"     14,"       6-9"
S 12-15,"       16,"       8-11"
M 15-18,"      18,"       9-13"
L 17-20,"        20,"      10-14"
XL 18-22,"     21,"       11-15"

Its water repellent properties and breathability are what make it popular for use as a diaper cover. It holds up to 30% of its weight in moisture.
Wool is
- eco-friendly
- naturally non-allergenic
- a breathable cover solution
- natural antimicrobial features allow air to pass through but not urine
- extremely easy to care for
- soft on baby's sensitive skin
- an excellent choice for nighttime diapering