Twist Winged Perfect Fit Preflat (WPFP)

Fruit of the Womb Diapers

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Sold in sets of 3!

Get a free snappi, boingo, or Bandie and 16 oz Beyond Clean when you purchase a dozen diapers! Bring home the fluff! ;)

Please note the newest choice for thread options: Mystery! If you have a difficult time choosing thread color just opt for mystery, and I will surprise you. If you already have a certain color and do not wish to have more just make a note to me at checkout or send me an email.

 A combination of a luxury stretch flat design with the simplicity of a prefold--Preflat! Twist is simply two layers of stretchy organic bamboo/hemp fleece serged together to make a perfect fit on your baby. <3


  • NB 10x12   fits 4 to 12 lbs or 0-3 months (holds 6oz)
  • Size 1 12x14  fits 10 to 18lbs or 0-6 months (holds 8oz)
  • Size 2  14x16 fits 16 to 25 lbs or 4-12 months (holds 10oz)
  • Size 3  16x18 fits 20 to 40 lbs or 8-24+ months (holds 12oz)
  • Size 4  18x20 fits 30 to 50+ lbs or 18-48+ months (holds 14oz)

You can always buy a size up and fold down the rise to fit baby's needs.

 ***Please note the pictures are to demonstrate thread color and not the actual diaper. :D