Organic Wool Longies

Fruit of the Womb Diapers

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***After testing, we have found that these wool covers are 100% machine washable! Machine wash warm and cool rinse. Hang dry.***

They are made of wool interlock knit with spandex that is very stretchy. We offer two fits: one will fit similar to a pair of jogging pants, and the leggings will be snug just as a pair of leggings would.  :)

They are shipped lanolized and ready for use! I also include a pamphlet on the use and care of your wool.

These will be cut to fit so please measure baby before ordering!
Here are our size measurements:
                Waist         Rise         Legs     Inseam

  • NB 11-13"        14"           6-9"         5"
  • S    12-15"       16"           8-11"        7"
  • M   15-18"        18"          9-13"        9"
  • L    17-20"        20"         10-14"      10"
  • XL  18-22"        21"         11-15"      12"