Upcycled Wool Longies

Fruit of the Womb Diapers

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These Upcycled longies have new interlock wool for the waist. It also has an added soaker panel for wetness protection. These will fit very nice and trim.

They are shipped lanolized and ready for use! I also include a pamphlet on the use and care of your wool.

These will be cut to fit so please measure baby before ordering!
Here are our size measurements:
      Waist       Rise       Legs     Inseam
NB 11-13"          14"          6-9"        5"
S  12-15"           16"          8-11"      7"
M  15-18"          18"          9-13"      9"
L   17-20"          20"         10-14"    10"
XL 18-22"          21"         11-15"    11"

Its water repellent properties and breathability are what make it popular for use as a diaper cover. It holds up to 30% of its weight in moisture.
Wool is
- eco-friendly
- naturally non-allergenic
- a breathable cover solution
- natural antimicrobial features allow air to pass through but not urine
- extremely easy to care for
- soft on baby's sensitive skin
- an excellent choice for nighttime diapering