Prissy Pants Neon Tie Dye Diaper Cover

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The Prissy Pants line are named after our youngest daughter Prissy! I absolutely love ruffle covers, and I have recently found a way to make them detachable. What does this mean? It means that there are fewer holes in the cover so that it reduces the chance of a leak. Being detachable also offers you the ability to interchange the ruffles with other ruffles covers that we offer! :)

I have had babies with rolly polly thighs and big buns, and I have had babies with tiny legs and skinny tushies. I was constantly searching for the perfect diaper cover. I truly believe this one fits the bill for both. What makes it unique is the length in the rise and the width of the back to give full coverage. Because of these two factors, your baby will be able to wear them much longer regardless of the weight.

The cover features soft,deep leg gussets to contain blow outs and is gathered across the front to prevent tights, pants, and the like from getting sucked in and soaked.

I recommend ordering according to age of the baby, regardless of weight.
I had a friend with a 20lb. 4 month old order the S cover. It only fit for a couple of weeks because he is such a heavy wetter, they have to use two to three diapers at a time! As an added note, if you have to double diaper your little one, you might consider going up one size to accommodate for the added fluff. :)

  • NB 0-4wks 4-10+lbs Rise 12 in
  • XS 0-3 ms 7-15 lbs Rise-14 in.
  • S 3-12 ms 15-25+lbs 16 in.
  • M 11-36 ms 20-30+lbs 18 in.
  • L 3-5 yrs 28-40+lbs 20 in.
  • OS 0-36 ms 10-30+lbs 18in