Organic Bamboo Hybrid Fitted in your choice of Print or Color

Fruit of the Womb Diapers

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The deliciously soft fitted is one size and comes in your choice of polyester fleece outside with a coordinating *organic bamboo inside.* These are three layers consisting of one polyester fleece, one super heavy organic bamboo, and one organic bamboo velour serged together all the way around. They are gathered at the back and legs for a smooth, snug fit around your little blessing.

Each fitted comes with a five layer soaker for added wetness protection. This soaker has one layer of super heavy organic bamboo, three layers of organic double looped terry bamboo, and topped with velour.

You can choose snaps or no closure so that you can customize the fit to your baby. Simply fold down the front as much or as little as needed and secure with pins, a snappi, or with a good fitting cover. You can easily fold the top down out of the way of the umbilical cord on newborns.
The final photo pictures two completed fitteds. This listing is for only ONE fitted.

  • NB 4-10 lbs 0-4 weeks 12" Rise
  • XS 8-14 lbs 0-3 ms 14" Rise
  • S 12-18 lbs 3-9 ms 16" Rise
  • M 16-30 lbs 8-24 ms 18" Rise
  • L 24-40+ lbs 24-48 ms 20" Rise
  • XL 30+ lbs 2-6 yrs 22" Rise
  • OS 8-30 lbs 0-24+ ms 18" Rise