Lunar undies

Fruit of the Womb Diapers

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This is a new spin on our mama undies! Each pair comes with your choice of velcro or snaps and 3 inserts. You can find additional inserts here.

Have you been jealous of that luxury bamboo flat baby gets tucked into? ;)

Now you have an opportunity to be just as comfy as baby!

Made from the same soft, squishy bamboo as Caramel flats, these luxe undies will make you forget that you even have them on.

Please measure your hips (minus the clothing) to ascertain correct sizing:

  • size 1 fits 33-34.5"
  • size 2 fits 35-36"
  • size 3 fits 37-38"
  • size 4 fits 39-40"
  • size 5 fits 41-43"
  • size 6 fits 44-45"
  • size 7 fits 46-48"
  • size 8 fits 49-51"
  • size 9 fits 50-53"

There are 3 different styles from which to choose:

  1. bikini
  2. mid rise
  3. high rise

These are made from the pattern by Made for Mermaids.