Twist flat diapers in Black

Fruit of the Womb Diapers

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Introducing our newest addition to the flats family:  Twist Flats.

Made from buttery soft bamboo with just enough hemp to maximize absorption and spandex for durability and resiliency, this will be your go to flat. Imagine wrapping baby in a trim, soft, supremely absorbent flat! There is no natural fiber that can hold near the amount of hemp and bamboo put together. These are incredibly absorbent with a lot of stretch for a good fit.

Can't decide which color you want? Choose mystery, and I will surprise you!

Paired with a flat doubler and a good wool soaker, these are perfect for night time diapers.
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  • Newborn 22x22 fits 4-12 lbs Baby's bladder will quickly outgrow this size before their tiny booty will.
  • Infant - 25"x25" - fits from birth (might be a touch bulky) until 25+ pounds
  • Toddler 28x28 fits from birth with minimal bulk to 35+ pounds
  • Toddler size 2 (30x30) works great for 18-45+ lbs, 20" in the waist, or needs a longer rise than the regular toddler provides.

These are sold in sets of 3.

Receive a free 16 oz bottle of Beyond Clean and snappi when you order a dozen (4 sets) flats!