Fruit of the Womb Buy-Back Program

If you have Fruit of the Womb products that:

  • you no longer need
  • your child has grown out of
  • you have been unable to resell

sell them back to us for up to 50% of the retail cost!

*purchase price depends upon condition*

We will store secondhand product and list on our website with accurate condition descriptions and photos where necessary at a discounted price.

Discounted, secondhand diapers benefit low or no income families that are unable to purchase at full price.  Additionally, this ensures that functional product is continually reused, rather than being thrown away, leading to a greener initiative!

Check out our current Seconds that are up for sale! 

Please reach out using the "Contact Us" link provided at the bottom of this web page, select the Shopify "Chat with us" icon, or click below to start a conversation via Facebook Messenger.

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